General Behaviour and Rules

Regarding general learner behaviour:

All learners and staff members are to treat each other with respect at all times.  Learners are to conduct themselves in in a manner that represents the ethos and code of conduct of the school when wearing school uniform or participating in school related activities. Learners should always greet, offer their seat, offer assistance or give right of way to visitors at the school and staff members alike. Learners are to show respect and stand up to greet visitors or members of staff if they enter a classroom. 

Learners are not permitted to eat food, drink or chew gum in class.

Regarding any form of bullying:

No form of bullying will be tolerated. This includes physical, verbal, emotional or cyber bullying. Students have an  obligation to report any type of bullying to a staff member. 

Fighting or any aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated either. Behaviour that causes damage to property will be at the learners account. I.e broken windows, damaged books or desks.


Regarding cell phones and other devices:

If a student brings their phone or other devices to school, the learner takes full responsibility for the safe-guarding of their cell phone or devise.

Cell phones and other devices are to be switched off and are to remain inside the learner’s bag from 07:20-14:00,  Cell phones may not be left on, or be left in silent mode. If learners are caught on their cell phone or device, they will be confiscated. No exceptions.

Regarding physical contact:

Learners should not behave inappropriately when interacting staff members or one another. No physical contact is permitted. This includes no hugging, kissing or holding hands. The one meter rule is applicable at all times.

Regarding visitors:

No student is to receive, or have contact whatsoever with any visitors from outside the school, during school time or after hours. Parents are required to come to the office and not have contact with the student or staff member directly.. 

Moving in between Lessons

When moving between lessons, all learners must move quickly and quietly, keeping to the left of the corridor. Once outside the classroom, line up and wait for the teacher to welcome you in. The same rules apply when going to assembly.


Traffic and Parking Rules

All municipal traffic rules are to be followed. I.e, all pedestrians are only to cross the street at a pedestrian crossing. Cyclists are to wheel only on the pavement or a designated cyclists lane. Parents offloading learners must obey all rules and must drop off learners with due regard to the safety of all concerned. Scholar patrols are to be obeyed at all times. They are to be treated with respect and no verbal acts towards them will be tolerated.

Out of Bounds

Some areas are strictly out of bounds to all learners at any given time, unless stated otherwise by a staff member.
These areas include: The staffroom, secretaries offices, duplicating room, sickroom(unless properly signed in). Classrooms and other school buildings are also deemed to be out of bounds during recess. However, in the event of rain, learners can remain indoors under the supervision of a staff member or a responsible RCL.

Safety Rules

If learners are able to walk to school, they are not allowed to do so alone. A parent or guardian is to accompany them.
Whilst walking, cell phones and other valuable belongings are to be put away in bags and kept out of sight.
Access to school grounds is restricted for the interest of everyone's safety. The presence of strangers is to be reported immediately. No learner is allowed to communicate to people through the fence or gate during recess, before school or after school hours.

Late for School and Lessons

All learners are to be on school property by 07:25. Any learner not in class by 07:30 will be considered late. After 07:30, the school gate will be locked and learners who are late need to go through the office with their parents to be signed in. In the event where no parent is present, the learner will be given detention and be required to attend the detention from 14:00-15:00 on a Friday afternoon. 

All learners are required to head to class after the recess buzzer goes. Learners are expected to be in class 5 minutes after the buzzer. Any learner who walks in after that will be considered late and will be given detention. They too will be required to attend the detention from 14:00-15:00 on a Friday afternoon.