Social Studies

Social studies is the study of social sciences and humanities to empower the individual and give them motivation, autonomy and responsibility for their own lives beyond the social circumstances in which they find themselves.

GRADE 8-12

Afrikaans First Additional Language

Being able to speak more than one language is a trait of a well educated person. Afrikaans is presented as an additional language to that of the learners home language. South Africa has eleven official languages where Afrikaans is one of the popular spoken business languages in SA.

GRADE 8-12

Arts and Culture

Learners with passion for creativity will enjoy this subject. It will teach them skills to research a variety of art forms and to appreciate arts and cultures.

GRADE 8-12

Economical Management Sciences

This subject orientates the learner with business related information. In South Africa there are not always a lot of job opportunities. Therefore it is a necessity for learners to enhance their entrepreneurship skills.

GRADE 8-12

English Home Language

English is key component of communication. Being able to read, write and speak will help the student learn and express themselves. Poetry will develop a creative understanding among learners, opening doors to their communication skills in later life.

GRADE 8-12

Life Orientation

In life orientation, the student is taught multiple different skills which will aid them later in life. The subject aims to make the student aware of different aspects of life. It also informs learners of how to protect themselves against dangerous circumstances in everyday life.

Grade 8-12


Mathematics is the study of numbers and the manipulation of them. Skills such as problem solving and pattern recognition are taught. The learner will be introduced to many new concepts and methods in the mathematics field. This subject is often a prerequisite for university admission. A fundamental understanding of the core concepts of mathematical models and methods will help improve business skills and a more fulfilled understanding to maximize progress in the workplace.

GRADE 8-12

Sepedi First Additional Language

Being able to speak more than one language is a trait of a well educated person. Sepedi is presented as an additional language to that of the learners home language.

GRADE 8-12


Technology teaches learners basic skills to build simple structures and understand basic systems. Since the world is all about recycling and conservation of nature, technology as a subject enriches us to live more environmentally aware of our footprints here on earth.

GRADE 10-12


The different skills taught in accounting are communication, problem solving, organisation and management skills, analytical evaluation and creating financial awareness for the learner. This subject is important for learners interested in pursuing a career in business.

GRADE 10-12

Business Studies

Business studies takes a look at the skills needed to become successful in the future business world. This subject is focused on the industry and practice, and prepares every learner to become a successful entrepreneur.

GRADE 10-12

Computer Applied Technology

Important computer concepts such as using word processors, spreadsheets and database are introduced. The learner is taught about the hardware and software that make our computers run. They will learn about the different technologies used today in computers and important information management techniques.

GRADE 10-12

Consumer Studies

This subject takes a look at the skills, values and knowledge required for learners to become informed and wise about food, clothing, housing and furnishings. The learners will be taught how to use these resources in an optimal and sustainable manner.

GRADE 10-12


Skills such as observation, analysis, research, data handling, map reading and the application of this skills is taught in Geography. Learners interested in geography can pursue careers in fields such as cartography, climatology, education, environmental management, regional and urban planning, research, tourism, travel, etc.

GRADE 10-12


History takes a critical look at the past. This subject places an emphasis on skills such as reading, thinking, research and writing.

GRADE 10-12

Mathematical Literacy

The learner will learner the use of numbers and their importance in a variety of contexts, such as financial maths for business or personal use. Data collection, analyses and display are taught to show the learner how to critically judge information and form conclusions. It is important to note that some universities do not recognize mathematical literacy as a mathematical qualification. Mathematical Literacy enables the learner to work on practical knowledge skills in which he or she can handle any situation with confidence.

GRADE 10-12

Physical Science

The learner will conduct experiments, interpret data, solve problems and present arguments and information a scientific form. It is advised that learners interested in pursuing careers in electronics, engineering and medicine chose this subject.