Our Principal

Mr Anton Lombard

When one Google’s the definition of a school, the following is stated: “A school is a place where children are educated. You usually refer to this place as school when you are talking about the time that children spend there and the activities they do there.”

Pretoria Secondary School is much more than just an Institution that educate learners, Pretoria Secondary School is a home away from home. A place where educators become parents and the learners become their children.

It is with humility and pride that I thank everyone who is involved with Pretoria Secondary School for all the efforts to grow our school into an institution that can be seen as a beacon in our society.

‘Together we build’


This school was established to enable all young people who enroll here to build together a future where each respects the worth and dignity of the other and accepts a mutual responsibility for creating an ethos where teaching and learning can flourish and where each one can fully develop his or her potential.
Together, we will strive to build a school where young minds, spirits and bodies, rooted in sound moral values and an acceptance of our common humanity under God, can be nurtured and encouraged to reach new frontiers.


Ensuring that every learner excels at school and leaves Pretoria Secondary School with skills and knowledge that will give them the best chance of success in future.

Our School Song