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School traffic rules

All learners move quickly and quietly between classes, in single file on the LEFT side of the corridor. Silence must be observed during assembly, when the teacher enters the classroom, along the corridors and outside the Principal's, Deputies' and Secretaries' offices.

Ground and traffic rules

All municipal traffic regulations must be obeyed, i.e. pedestrians to cross streets near the school only at designated areas; cyclists to ride in single file and to wheel bicycles when on the pavement. Parents off-loading learners must do so with due regard to the safety of all concerned. Scholar patrols are to be obeyed without question.

Learners are asked not to walk to and from school alone. Cell phones and other valuable items must be kept out of sight inside school bags. Learners must never walk along, or stand at the roadside, talking on a cell phone, outside of the school grounds.

Areas which are out of bounds

Staffroom Secretaries office Duplicating room Sickroom (except sick learners properly signed in) School building during break Classrooms during break, except when it is raining, and then only when supervised by a member of staff or a responsible Class RCL.

General behaviour

Courteous behaviour to all is to be the watchword of this school. Learners should greet members of staff and visitors in the corridors or grounds and stand back for adults in doorways and at bus stops etc. In buses, learners should behave in accordance with the Code of this school, and are encouraged to always offer a seat to members of the public. Learners should always offer courteous assistance to staff or visitors.

Learners are expected to be quiet and stand immediately when an adult enters a room or walks close to where they are sitting. No learner will remain seated when talking to an adult.

Boys and girls are expected to extend the same courtesy to one another in the school, as they do to the adults.

Cell phones: Cell phones must be switched off from 07:20 to 14:00, otherwise they will be confiscated. No SMS messages may be sent nor may the phone be left on, or in silent mode. If a learner is caught playing with a phone during lesson time, it will be confiscated. No exception will be made to this rule. Confiscated cell phones will only be released to the owners upon producing 3 tests where the learner has obtained more than 80%.

Learners who choose to bring cell phones to school must accept full responsibility for their safety. The school cannot undertake to track down lost or stolen phones. Parents should, in fact, consider carefully before allowing learners to bring cell phones to school at all. For safe-keeping, a cell phone may be signed in with the secretary for the duration of the school day. Carrying or using a cell phone in the street makes the person an easy target for muggers. Cell phones should therefore be switched off and hidden in the school bag and never used in public, except in a safe place.

Learners should not behave inappropriately towards one another, especially when in school uniform, whether on or outside of the school grounds and buildings. No hugging, kissing, holding hands or any other physical contact is permitted. The one metre rule is applicable at all times. This is for your own protection.

No learner may receive, or have any contact whatsoever with any visitors from outside of the school, during school time or after school. Parents are to come to the office and not attempt to contact a child or teacher in the classroom.

Access to the school grounds is restricted in the interests of everyone's safety. The presence of strangers is to be reported immediately! This restriction applies also to people trying to communicate with learners through the school fence or gate. At no time should learners become involved in altercations with members of the public.

Gum may not be chewed at any time, especially not in class!

The level of noise in the school and school grounds is to be kept to acceptable levels. Play may never be such that any person's safety or well-being is endangered. No fighting, bullying or aggressive behaviour of any kind will be allowed. Behaviour that causes damage to property will be for the learners account, e.g. broken windows, desks, damaged books, etc.

Late for school and lessons

Whatever time they waste, learners must pay back. This is to be viewed not as a punitive measure, but to teach the learners a principle that they will need throughout their lives namely, punctuality. Learners will therefore stay for detention on a Friday from 14:00 to 15:00, under the supervision of a particular member of staff and re-pay the wasted time.

All learners must be on the school property by 07:25. It they are not in their classroom by 07:30, they are considered to be late and must attend the lates detention. The school gate will be locked at 07:30. All learners must be at their lessons straight after the buzzer goes. If a learner arrives late, he/she will attend lates detention.